Empowering Single Women to Love their Lives Again.

Rebuild your life from inside out.

21 Days to Reconnect to Who You Really Are and What You Really Want

Overcome the Overwhelm

When you are confronted with a new reality of your life-long partnership dismantling, you go into the process of grief. You experience:

  • Trauma of the shock that is your new reality
  • Sadness for the loss of the life you thought you were working towards
  • Sense of abandonment when your partner leaves
  • Fear of the unknown for what your future will be

During the 21-Day
Foundation Fix Program
we will work together to:

- Uncover your foundational beliefs that are keeping you stuck

- Reframe these beliefs to allow for a more positive outlook

- Develop a new dialogue with yourself that is supportive

- Get clarity on what you want in your life to move forward 

- Establish life long practices that you will be able to access whenever you need them

What you get with this 21 day program:

-  Three weekly course module pdfs
- Daily video coaching with daily lessons
 - Unlimited access to materials
- Access to the supportive FB Group 

Cost $397


Check out what other people have to say: about Diana...

Diana was amazingly different than anything I had previously experienced.

She has a gift to tap into the very essence you need to foster and build confidence, belief and an action plan to move you forward.

Patty Lowry

Diana’s support and guidance has been crucial to my healing.  

She has been my body, mind and spirit “coach”. Her personal coaching has guided me through one of the worst times in my life.  Her open heart, awareness and insight is her strength.

Fiona Duncanson